da lyrics




1. last cigarette

i’m leaving you this tuesday, before i lose a lung
we can’t break up halfway, so light the fuse and run
i’m leaving you this ashtray, to put beside the desk
‘cause we can’t break up halfway, and i am bored to death

of you striking a match and cupping your hands
so i’m getting the patch, and making a plan
well yeah but i could stand

one last cigarette before i quit
one last look at it
‘cause we were good at it
one last cigarette before i quit
one drag, it’s so good but i shouldn’t have

stayed with you for so long, ‘cause now i can’t say no
the smoke i used to float on, brought me down so low, so while you’re

striking a match and cupping your hands
i’ll be getting the patch, and making a better plan
but what is better than


made my bed and now i gotta rise and shine
to lie in it with you would be unkind
‘cause we both know, that i gotta go
but i got a minute though


cancer emphysema heart disease
whoever thought it’d be so hard to part with these?

2. the mess she made

some of my best friends are girls
drink drink water water while the world whirls
around you

some of my best friends are girls, come on
i’m sure you’re wrong
we will find one that you belong to

and the more i drink with you
the more i see the mess she made
pour yours down the drain
and we’ll rest away the mess she made

crashing on my couch again
rain rain drizzle drizzle while the room spins
gray blankets forever

drink drink water water in the moonlight with me
i’m right, you’ll see
that the world is full of self-erasing angels


‘cause maybe you just need some time
to sober up your mind
and remember all the reasons to forget her

and maybe the moisture on your sleeve
will dry before you leave
so you can wear your heart back on your sweater


3. lover

you only care about your hair
to you a mirror is a miracle
don’t even notice that i’m there
too busy checking that you’re spherical

it’s “another one down the drain,
had the beautiful but not the brain”
unless you show me that you’re not to blame, and stop acting so vain
do you want to be my lover or not?

it’s got nothing to do with me
if you want to be mine, it’s got nothing to do with me

so get the fuck out of my face
no i don’t care to meet your parakeet
give me time and give me space
oh all you ever do is stare at me

it’s “another one kicks the can,
had the strategy but not the plan”
unless you show me that you’re not so bland, ‘cause i’m taking a stand:
do you want to be my lover or not?


now it’s either i’m yours but you’re not quite mine
or the other way around so it’s really no crime what you choose
i’m fine with a bruise, and i’m gonna lose, now i need news


do you want to be my lover?

4. time machine

climb in my time machine, i’ve been mean, but now i’m sorry
so do you mind if we just skip to when we’re friends again?

what do i have to say? to get you to see it my way?

‘cause all i want is you (come back, my friend)
and all i wanna do (is be your friend)

future-you calls to make plans to see bands with me but
now-you is mad at me all the way ’til yesterday

it’s been a long year since we had a chat
it’s gonna be a few more before you smile back
in the meantime, we could be fine, just buckle up and close that hatch


2021 i’ve said and i’ve done what any good friend would have
2022 i’ve had it i’m through i’m quitting on you i’m turning my back
2023 you’re looking at me but you really can’t see i’m there
2024 i don’t care about the score i can’t take it anymore and i don’t care


what do i have to do to laugh with you again?

5. bag of tricks

hats off to you, i’ll never know how you make that rabbit crawl out your shoe
showtime tonight, so many men crowd around you, so crowded i can’t get through

but when your bag of tricks runs out, will they still love you when they doubt?
remember readymade gags come with a price tag
and i’m concerned about your health the way you prostitute yourself
remember readymade gags have price tags

backstage the ace you’re tucking inside of your sleeve is more interesting than me
you look away whenever i say i miss you, you shuffle the deck and leave


i remember the day we met in the park, you sawed my body in half
you were drunk on me and high on your self, you made me laugh and laugh


6. rated r

we can sneak from screen to screen and waste the day
and the fire exit signs will light the way
and with the right lie and the right stub, we can slip into the theatre showing fight club
and who cares about nightmares anyway?

you are rated r
and i’m fifteen, i’m fifteen
and you’re bad for me but i’m happy

it’s the weight of all the dirty words you say
and the nudity is new to me but hey
with straight face and a plain walk, we can slip into the movie with the chainsaw
and who cares about nightmares anyway?


…holding hands, while the killer climbs a fence
with a gun between his teeth
and if the movie gets too tense
we can crawl beneath the seats
you can kiss me on the mouth
yeah, i like the way that feels
and you know my heart’s so easy for you to steal, ‘cause…


7. melange mining co.

well you’ve been trying to make me smile since september
the miners all remember
when you decided to go back down to the planet

and since then all i find is pyrite
moon rocks don’t shine bright when you’re used to them
if i could straighten up and fly right home to houston

then i’d have the weight of your arms around me
if i had the weight of your arms around me, then i’d be fine

hearts don’t break up here they just get weaker
‘cause muscles atrophy in fractional gravity
and ah does it have to be four more weekends ’til we can hold each other close?
that’s one small step for a ghost
adjust my helmet flashlight & keep on digging


it don’t take much helium for one of them balloons
come see me soon, up in the vacuum
ten tons of silicon and then i’m on the way
i’ll see you soon, and feel the weight, and i’ll feel the weight..


8. kill your attitude

so i stay six feet away from you at all times, until you don’t know who i am
and i match your movements, match each little toe tap, and stand off to the side
reflecting you in silence

you wanna play games, change your number and burn your outfit
who should i say gains when you lose your shit?

kill your attitude, girl
you know i’m mad at you still, and i know you’re mad at me
but when your batteries die, don’t come untied

it’s been a year since you were here i hope you’ve had fun, with your arms across your chest
and i write you letters write but you don’t read them
you throw them in the garbage

you wanna play games, scrap the doormat and leave a landmine
who should i say gains when you lose your mind?


but when your batteries drain, don’t be a pain


you wanna play games…


9. the other side

today i died, was watching from up so high as the doctors shocked a lump of me
i saw that light in the tunnel but when you cried i stayed to keep you company
that was dumb of me

‘cause now i’m doomed to spend a century
locked inside a memory of you
it’s all i can do, hang on ’til you’re through to the other side

and if i had eyes would you still smile surprised by the way they seem so green sometimes?
if i had a body to hold would you still wanna grow old with me and be by my side?


‘cause it’s so hard to be your man when death does everything he can to make me disappear
and it’s so hard to hold you close when i’m a ghost and you’re a girl who just won’t kiss a mirror
how can i get nearer?


10. right when it rains

“i had a good night,” you say to your porch light
my thumb is pinned to your chin and your half-grin is reeling me in

like the wheels of an airplane an inch from the runway
and your eyes open wide like a riptide, i kiss you goodbye

and it feels so right, yeah it feels so right, right when it rains

i wanna be soaking wet in somerset this summer let’s go dance in the storm
if lightning strikes i’m ready for it, see my shoes already off? shampoo’s already frothed and i’m warm
the least i’ll do is race you down the windowpane, ‘cause it feels right when it rains

making my way home through layers of gray foam
like it’s halloween or a dream, there’s enough steam, to straighten my jeans

on the sparkling sidewalk
the crickets and i talk
they advise me the sky’s gonna baptize whoever is outside

but it feels so right, yeah it feels so right, right when it rains


good, good people and bad weather go together
love is a landslide, i’m falling i can’t hide, come splash in the mud


11. the missing i wanna do

we threw a blanket on the wet ground and found orion
under the apple tree you and me, safe and silent
watching the stars glow, girl i’m so glad we’re here together
but you’re on me like a fire ant, oh you can’t rush forever

see i like you, but oh you move so fast, and i want it to last

so can we go slow ‘cause i wanna be all for you
and if i’m never alone then how, how will i do the missing i wanna do?
‘cause i wanna miss you

and if we die here drinking beer gazing at the blue moon
then you can marry me, otherwise soon is too soon

‘cause i like you, but oh i like my space, and it isn’t a race


i need you here believe me dear but i need you gone for a while though
i need to pore, pore over my findings of what i feel when your smile shows




1. (800) HUMAN

are you sick of not existing?
does your halo just not flatter your face?
feel brand new in just three easy payments
try it free
what it’s like to be

but wait there’s more!
the sky is not the limit
the body you have always wanted
let us put you in it
bad karma? no karma? you too can get a life
and it’s all for the low, low price of

what it’s like to be human
what it’s like to be alive

no returns and no exchanges
and of course at first you won’t know what your fucking name is
void where prohibited or if your lover leaves
putrefaction guaranteed
just call the number on your screen, (800)


on earth as it is in heaven
condemned to be free
and yes, even angels fall for legalese
so lead us not into late night TV
but deliver us, no CODs


’cause all anybody knows
is how the jingle goes

2. you can’t be my girl

damn, what drugs aren’t you on?
and can i come along?
you’re wasted and stoned when
i am sober as a marble
i think i love you are horrible x2

y.c.b.m.g. x 3

fishing for your lipstick
you found your cigarettes
you’re hacking up the wrapping
as we sit on rotten steps

you’re crazy and you show it off
dear, you’re slurring gorbachev
but you insist on discussing him
you’re so wrong but somehow you win
so wrong to kiss you when

y.c.b.m.g. x 3

you’re sweet but you’re messed up
your best friend is a red cup
you’re obviously not the one
but you remind me life can be fun


y.c.b.m.g. x 3

3. moonlit

75 to life if we settle down
but what would be the point of even living if you’re not around?

consecutive sentences
served in suburbs
or a thousand reminders of how we were lovers

yeah, you made me moonlit
but it’s all gone dark now but i’m used to it
yeah, you made me moonlit
we had it right here so how’d we lose it?

half of my closet and all my weekends
but i would rather hang with your blouses than your friends

baby, let’s face it we should take a vacation
anything would be more fun than the phase we’re in


i’m water vapor climbing
from the button-down you’re ironing
you’re so sexy when you set me to good use
but once you do i long to get loose


4. no love

whip smart with a pair of legs on tap
i wish i didn’t have to think of that when i see you now

your earrings swing as you look around the party in your blue dress
looking your best for somebody that you don’t speak to now

are you sure you want to shut down both these hearts?
’cause “we can still be friends” is just another way to say restart

don’t you want to save the changes that you made?
’cause your changes will be lost if you don’t save

i can be cool too cool like you
i can see you in italics or look at you strikethrough, watch me go

i can forget you like i never met you and be cold
even though i had you outlined in bold, just so you know

maintain course and speed you have everything you need when you breathe deep
even though you have no love
the answers in the glance her new boyfriend sends
right across the room to whom i presume to have no love to speak of

well the way i feel will kill me if i let it and i just might
but i keep on walking down the street to the beat ’cause i’m alright, right?
now boarding rows ‘a’ through ‘h’ if you wanna fly suicide
but flight 708 can wait while i’m looking for the bright side

even healthy hearts have holes

5. good to lose

the new face of last place
the sidekick to the sidekick to a sidekick
but i’m so sick of you minding when it’s my thing

and you know it’s good to lose

i got a hot date with a lawn gnome
i’m gonna shop-at-home for carpet foam

because i’m free to be asleep until three
and let my laundry just pile up on me

with a career track to the fridge and back
i can slide my feet on a dryer sheet

and i’m a cog in it, but it’s a good machine
and it keeps me clean, and i always mean

to rewind you back to beginning
stop you flapping and spinning
remind you losing is winning

it’s good to lose x 3

6. alice

you put your hair back in that magic black elastic
i’m powerless to ponytails who used to do gymnastics and i
know you know you wanna dance
when i watch you smile and try to mask it
and stir your whisky with the plastic

you’re pitcher perfect in this light beer
nevermind the twenty-hour flight here

alice, alice
all my best come ons
but come on
you are too far away

but everything is better through a camera in canberra
skype is now my lifeline and email is manna and if
airfare weren’t so unfair
i would be in sydney instantly
and we’d be bondai bound

you have monopolized cute
but talk about a trivial pursuit…


too far away to keep
cause every time i wake up you’re about to go to sleep
and you say “g’day this is alice leave a message at the beep”
only missing you is pointless when you’re always out of reach
besides there’s nothing left to say to you now i just have to hold you
and now we are just as natural a disaster as i told you
so evacuate my heart ’cause inside is total chaos
and i lose myself when people say your name and i stay lost for a good three days
a really good three days

maybe one day we’ll find a way
maybe one day we’ll find…
but day for me is night for you
but i’ll still say goodnight to you

7. redshift

spiral galaxies would turn in your eyes
when i came by with a small surprise
you loved all of my little quarks, so what went wrong?
don’t superstring me along, come on

was there a big bang that i just missed?
did some explosion cause a redshift?
’cause you’re moving away from me but what did i do?
the universe is mostly empty space without you

wave or particle, i can’t be both
so just say which way you like me most
i can be an experiment in your bedroom lab
to figure how the light we had went bad


i’ll build a collider and smash us to bits
to see what’s inside us, to see if we stick
’cause i will try anything this side of the milky way
to figure out why in the world you’re drifting away

(chorus) x2

8. free (the editorial me)

life is a greenhouse gas
half the police in masks
pretending to be my friend
but nothing can box me in,
cause i’m free yeah

i’ll be the first to dance
with every new circumstance
i smile at the scene i see
cause i decide what it means to me,
cause i can because i’m free yeah

enclosed for your review is a picture of you
before you knew
and circled in red are the things you said
when you lost your head
and got in bed
cause god is dead

but to whom it may concern
it’s no longer that person’s turn, it’s mine and i’m free

dear sir(s),
we regret to inform you
the norm you conform to
does not meet our needs at this time
but of course you may try to reapply for membership
and resubmit your manuscript
when the man you’ve scripted’s hands are lifted to the sky
and the old you dies


the editorial me

9. all in the wrist

wipe the knife and slice through another new head of iceberg
i serve more hors d’oeuvres to the trashcan than to any man where i work
waste in this place is a terrible thing to mind, likewise time
and i’m sure stacking glasses in the back is a total waste of mine

but is it all just as small as it seems to be?
it’s obscene what the scenery costs when dreams are free

sundays she makes dates with inmates and reads to each one from books
and when their fingers linger under big words they give her dumb looks
she believes in stephen he’s been writing an exciting piece of prose
though only weeks from his release and the police are patting down his clothes

but the long way is never the wrong way when it’s homeward
to be happy, yeah if you ask me, is only a matter of homework
and it’s all in the wrist
care do not i you can words my twist
cause it’s easy, so easy that you might miss

when i’m trying to forget that you exist
and everything i do seems useless
when everywhere i go is an uphill climb
just wanna hear your voice one more time
tell me you don’t miss me too now
i swear i’ll never figure you out
why can’t i get the hang of this
if the truth fits on a floppy disk and it’s all in the wrist

10. chelsea’s hotel

fling the insulation in the dumpster
we’re expanding our empire of love for her
so tear it all down now, every building here
most of all the skyscrapers of bitterness and fear
rip the gypsum out and haul it all away
level every structure down to the solid orange clay
spread out the blueprints so we can start
to build a hotel on her heart

’cause i’m not leaving, this is just the place
i’ve been homeless since the dimples on her simple face
and i’ve spent my fortune, i’ve torn the town apart
to build a hotel on her heart

we’ll build it by the beach so she can reach the salty wind
we’ll make it out of poems and the books she writes them in
a forty-story eyesore by the seaside
so she can go swim oh in the ocean whenever she likes
and she likes some other boy now so we’ll have to wait
but when she’s done with him he’ll shake the painted iron gate
and he’ ll say, “chelsea, baby, did i do you wrong?”
and she’ll say, “no, darwin was gonna win me all along”


have you ever seen a wrecking ball as small as her?
she smashes up my glasses when she passes but it doesn’t hurt
i can’t see straight now with this crush
but i have all of this love to give and there’s no rush


chelsea, this is for you
hey, this is for you



1. constellations

twinkle, twinkle little star, how i wonder what you are
there’s a million little lights when the sky turns black tonight
are there patterns in our skies, are patterns only in our eyes?

or is a constellation just a constellation?
is a constellation just a consolation?

wrinkle, wrinkle little scar, count the freckles on my arm
if freckles don’t mean anything, does anything mean anything?

or is a constellation just a constellation?
is a constellation just a consolation?

we are twinkling stars resurrected
just like twinkling stars we seem connected but i know that

a constellation is just a constellation
constellation is just a consolation

2. deep sea divers

you and i are deep sea divers on a task
little bubbles rising from your scuba mask
i can see your empty eyes are not alive, but shouldn’t they be?

you and i are sitting on the ocean floor
you were tired of swimming and you’re so bored
little yellow fish go past your sullen face, but shouldn’t you smile once in a while?

you’re bringin me down
you’re bringin me down now i’m blue now i’m in deeper too

little yellow fish are happy it’s not so tough
would everything you wish you had be good enough?
we’re divers, that’s why we’re in our suits
they’ll fire me and you, they’ll hire someone new, besides

you’re bringin me down now i’m blue now i’m unhappy too

of all the pretty girls, i had to choose
of all the pretty ones, i wanted you, but now

you’re bringin me down now i’m blue now i’m unhappy too

3. the city

this town is made of aluminum
this town is made of glass

why can’t you see that?
why can’t you understand and come to the city?

press one with my thumb for my messages
but you only leave me rocks

why can you call back? i tried you twenty times i’m sick of the city

everything’s harder here
everyone’s so cold
the city is not so inviting when you have no one to hold
there’s no one to hold

the city is a stop sign

4. dna

my dna is running out i am not the guy who makes you smile now
and when we talk it’s not the same but i already lost the gene for feeling pain

so i won’t cry i will just pretend i’m still the one
and that we are in love again

but when i call you are never home and i am down to six or seven chromosomes
but you don’t care or understand how it feels to be a single double strand


all these molecules don’t make me who i am, you did

i’m still the one


5. the suicide song

from the window ledge i fall, watch my necktie whip back in the wind.
from the top of an office building, i can’ t even see why i should live.

‘don’t give up,’ they all say. but i’m not giving up anything anyway.

on the way down, i see your face laughing at one of my idiot boy mistakes.

well you can laugh now, ’cause it’s over. have one last laugh watching me go to waste.

’cause i don’t need a reason why, does anyone?

6. up in the clouds

we used to walk up in the sky, up where the air is rarified
went hand in hand from cloud to cloud, but when i slipped up we fell out

and i’m sorry i let you down
down to the ground
but who cares now?

we could be up in the clouds

dizzy from lack of oxygen or from the mood you put me in…?
up in the cloudy stratosphere, gravity’s weaker when you’re near

(pre chorus)

7. bed space

i’m in outer space on my side of the bed
on a floating mattress my eyes stare ahead
you don’t sleep here anymore
hovering alarm clock is my satellite
under little specks of starlight, on a flight
you don’t sleep here anymore

i don’t know where i am
i am so lost
i’m just drifting around
since you’ve been gone
i’m just wasting time away
i’m just wasting time in space

see a little asteroid pass by underneath
there’s an empty space on your side and i can’t sleep


i pull my covers over my head
hope you know i wish i were dead
i can’t seem to get out of bed
going nowhere; everything is wrong


8. the bomb song

the sky’s green
it’s been that way since they dropped the bomb
the clouds are brown
the city’s a ghost town
the city is dead
the river’s a bed now
the hair on my head came out, it fell on the ground
none of the sunlight is safe
litter is blowing all around the sidewalk

say you love me now
maybe you will say you love me now
say you love me please say it now that

the sky’s green
it’s been that way since we lost the war
we looted the store we had to eat something
people are sick
the water is strychnine
i heard about sixty nine hundred people have died
the shelter is hell, it smells like shit
nobody knows how long we’re supposed to stay in it


the sky’s green


9. radar detector

you and i buy star maps and drive my car around los angeles
you and i buy star maps and ding dong ditch a televangelist

it’s only been a week
but i know that you are mine to keep

you are a radar detector
i drive 1,000 miles an hour
i won’t go on and on
but you are always looking out for me

you and i go shopping and find exactly what we’re looking for
you and i go shopping and fall asleep inside the mattress store.

we cruise the neighborhood
but it’s not supposed to feel this good


you are a radar detector


when i’m driving around, you are a radar detector

10. bad day

i hope that the last the page of your 800 page novel is missing
and i hope that it rains if you leave the window down on your red mustang

’cause everyday ought to be a bad day for you

and if you drop your keys i hope there’s a sewer somewhere very nearby
i hope that your team lost; i hope your new girl takes off with a new guy.

’cause everyday ought to be a bad day for you

and i would like to be your girlfriend so i could dump you
and i would like to be your garbage man so i would never have to pick up your trash again

maybe you should wonder why your apartment is always so empty
well i hope you get locked out of that apartment and have to call jenny

’cause everyday ought to be a bad day for you

but i’m sorry if it ever is